Marble – As a Building Material

Marble - As a Building Material

There is a good range of marbles that differ from one another in terms of color palettes, textures and veining patterns, which makes each of the variations unique in itself. Marbles extracted from the single block, of the same variety can also differs completely from one another. Depending on the physical and chemical properties, the marble quarried from different regions varies, as they are formed under different weather and natural conditions, these dissimilarities play a major in the selection process. The choice completely depends on the use of marble, in interior or exterior space.
Marbles are quarried all over the world, but the Indian Marble are highly appreciated and preferred in terms of quality and durability. The attractive color and shades are very much admired. The world famous Taj Mahal was built using the Makrana Marble that is extracted from the Makrana region, in the state of Rajasthan, India.
Durability and longevity is assured
Marble stands the first place among the most extensively used building materials in the world. Its been used since ages to make critical buildings, statue, and historical monuments. Marble is robust and can stand wide combination of atmospheric conditions. The buildings and structures made years back, stand straight till the present time and look as accurate and infallible as they did the day they were made; and this is what makes it ideal for various home applications especially indoor features. With use of marble you can be satisfied that the material will prop up aong time, looking the same years later from the day you invested.
Unique look and feel
As Indian Marble ranks number one among the most prominent materials over the globe, inspite of the different shades and hues, marble is so admirable that it can catch anyone's attention over a single glance. Its various finishes and textures makes it shine under a combination of lightings. The polished surface acts as a mirror while the honed surface gives a more natural finish to the appliance, the hammered finish on the other hand is more towards the rough and furrowed feel. The versatility makes it applicable to different distinctive spaces in and around the home. It makes an ideal material for your kitchen, bathroom, workplace and adds much more to the construction. Being an ideal home building material, its open to different tints, shades and edges, applicable to various tones and has an attractive elegance of multicolour mixes.