Granite Stone Black

Granite Stone Black

  • Granite Stone Black
    Granite Stone Black

Granite Stone Black

Approx. Price : Price per Square Feet, Export Quality Product.

Minimum order quantity - 2000 square feet. Taxes and delivery charge extra.

Product Details:

Granite Stone Black is known for its texture. It is very much suitable and recommended for enhancing the landscape. Landscaping around the home and commercial properties using Granite Stone Black gives your green space an exposure to natural balance and makes it very appealing. Grace, quality and elegance are the highlights, one of the most luxurious materials used in home décor. Its unique texture makes it very promising for the decorative projects, for example, granite countertops, walkway, terraced staircase, driveways etc.

Granite Stone Black chips or crushed stones are used for smart looking flower beds and borders around the garden. Granite Stone Black has its origin from India and has a very unique texture which makes it a preferred choice for decoration both indoors and outdoors. Consequently, these granites have high overseas demand. Granite Stone Black are available in 10MM, 15MM, 18MM and 20MM Cutting measurements.


  • Fabulous texture, hardness and strength
  • Dense to medium to light black color range
  • Accurate dimensions
  • Available Measurements - 10MM, 12MM, 16MM, 18MM, 20MM, 30MM.
  • Edge Availability - Chamfer, Full Bullnose, Double Chamfer, Single and Double Bullnose, Half Bullnose Chamfer, Single Ogee.
  • Slabs, Blocks, Tiles, Cut to Size, Kitchen countertops, Vanity Top, Steps and Risers, Basin, Table Top.


  • Excellent polish and texture
  • Heat resistant
  • Very low water absorption

Above all, Granite Stone Black is popular among architects, builders and construction industry. Furthermore, the unique texture and solid black color richness are the only some of the qualities which makes this granite attractive. This Granite Stone Black is known for its texture and strength.

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